Thursday, October 05, 2006

where am i?

i feel like i've been a little absent from the blogging/internet world lately. what have i been doing? i'm not really sure, to tell you the truth. busy doing a lot of nothing i guess! in reality, that's not true, but that's how it feels.

i've been busy building my online portfolio for a new wholesale art/craft website that i've joined. retailers can see all my things and order right from the site. i'm then notified by e-mail! pretty smooth. i hope it goes over well. my site is supposed to launch sometime before friday. it's a lot of work to upload nearly 200 product descriptions and images. i didn't add some of my less popular products because it was getting a little overwhelming. if sales are good through the site, i might think about adding more.

i've also been working on getting some promotional materials out in the mail to my customers/potential customers in hopes of adding to my holiday sales. i know it's a little late for christmas, but i also included spring holiday information too. we'll see how it goes. they went out this morning.

the happily handmade giveaway is going great! i've already got almost 175 entries in less than a week! i can't imagine how many i'll have at the end of the month! i'm excited at the possibilities. hopefully it will really start to get my retail name out there a little bit and increase sales for the upcoming holidays.

i've also worked on a new set of notecards that i'm really excited about. i think they're really fun and unlike any of my other work. all of my current work is illustrated on the computer, where these were hand drawn and then scanned in. it's all based on remembering when you were a kid. so think fun kid images, but grown up. i'll post a sneak peak soon. the only problem is finding the funds to get them printed! i want to do them on some really, really nice paper, which i fear is going to be very expensive. i'm afraid to get quotes!

so that's about all i've been up to in the last week or so. not too much! :) i guess i HAVE been busier than i thought!


Leslie said...

Lots of exciting things happening in the Shades of Violet/Marzipan household! :) Can't wait for your new card line (sneak peeks are always fun!), and your new creative site sounds like fun too!

kellijo said...

oh yes...just like you, sitting around doing nothing!!! my goodness!!! you go girl!

{evy} said...

All sounds so good. Don't know how you do so much and have a little one around! Can't wait to see the new cards.

punkinpieproductions said...

The new site does sound great. Care to share?!
Can't wait to see the new line. Just quote the paper, at least you'll know than if it's within reach--or maybe you already do!

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