Tuesday, October 10, 2006

thrifter's paradise

this weekend, the family and i visited the world's biggest and bestest rummage sale! the hubby had heard about it through a couple people at work. it's held by a private school and many of the donations are from the wealthy parents of the students who go there. they even auction off cars, boats, etc....crazy!

we were not disappointed when we arrived. it was just as big as we had heard it would be. sheds, barns, and tents FULL of thrifting goodness! i was in heaven. we weren't able to make it to the sale until about noon on saturday. i was a little worried about what would be left since it started early on friday. much to my surprise, there was a ton of fun stuff left.

here are my favorite finds:

this is my first find of the day. it's a piece of patchwork stretched on a frame. it's pretty large; about 3 feet by 2.5 feet. it does have one little tear that needs to be repaired, but other than that it's perfect. actually, it's rather imperfect, and that's what i like about it. it was marked $5.00, but since saturday was half-price day, i paid a whopping $2.50 for it! unbelievable! i think it's going to go in my red dining room. since the border is red, i may paint a block on the wall to stop it from blending in too much.

i have to thank the hubby for this find. a whole box of weaving thread. (the jars were not included) the large jar on the left is all of the thread that was included in the box. the second jar contains spools that i found on another outing years ago. i thought the box of thread was the perfect addition to match the spools i already had. now i just need to find smaller versions for the smallest jar. this is also resides in the dining room in the built in buffet. again, i paid $2.50 for the whole box!

and here's my precious little lemon tree embroidered piece. it's about 5 x 7 inches. it needs to be cleaned up a little, but i couldn't resist the three dimensional little lemons hanging off the tree. this was my big purchase of the day at $1.00!

we also bought a few books for the little dude as well as a leap frog leap pad for him. although he's a little young for it, it was in perfect condition and had an asking price of $12.00. too good to pass up. he'll have fun with it even if he doesn't quite understand what he's doing yet.

next year i want to get a pass to get in early. it costs $10, but you get to go in before anyone else on friday and see everything first! i can't imagine all the goodies i would find being able to go before everything is rummaged through!

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Leslie said...

Wow, Lori! What bargains! :) Sounds like tons o' fun, and I especially like the quilted piece! Amazing price, and an amazing piece of art! And I like the idea of a painted block as a backdrop too!

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