Sunday, January 14, 2007

big boooyyyyy bed

today we switched the little dude's crib into a "big boy bed". this basically means that we took one of the sides off and lowered it to it's lowest setting. this also means that he's able to get up whenever he wants and wander around the room or into our room. i'm a little nervous to see how this works. we tested it out during nap time today and it went pretty well. for the first 15 minutes or so you could hear him bouncing around and squealing like a little girl. so i finally went up and peaked in only to find him standing at one end with his hands on the railing, counting "one, two, three, boooyyyyy" and then falling to his butt. repeat about a million times. i think he was a little excited about being a big boooyyyyy. pretty cute. after a serious talk about how we sleep in a big boy bed and not play, he drifted off and slept a nice long nap. he woke as usual with his rocking motion and didn't get out of bed before i went up to get him. i'm not sure how long he would stay put if i didn't go get him. i guess we'll see in the morning when i don't want to drag my butt out of bed!


sally said...

Ahh...your boy is growing up! Big J is almost 4 and he still calls for us when he wakes up in the morning + from naps. [Phew!]

Leslie said...

Awww! The transition from crib to bed is always bittersweet! :)

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