Saturday, January 06, 2007

a few more

so after i published my list of goals i, of course, thought of a few more. in addition to the ones in my last post, i'd like to accomplish the following things:

business related

1. after increasing traffic to shades of violet with strategically placed advertising and search engine optimization, my goal is to increase my business by 500% by the end of the year. that may sound like a huge number, but considering i didn't do a whole lot with it this year, it's not as much as it seems.

2. get, and stay, organized. i've started the organization project already and am really, really excited about it. it's not that i'm ever totally unorganized, or a messy person, but there's always room for improvement. i love the feeling of everything being clean and in it's place. so far my filing cabinet and desk have been pretty much organized. i'd love to get the rest of the office/storage space organized as well. (this will not be a small feat as it involves our entire basement)


1. talk to a financial planner about our future. we currently have a 401k that has been rolled over into a "temporary" account that i had when i worked in corporate america. it's been sitting "temporarily" for 3 years now. while it's making pretty decent money sitting there, we should really explore our options more. this goes for the hubby's 401k, the little dude's college fund, etc. etc. etc. i just want to know that we're doing the right thing with our money so that we can live comfortably later in life.

2. make out a will. now that we have a kid, it should really be done. i'm a little embarrassed that we don't have one already, but hey, that's life. along with this, we need to look at our life insurance and adjust it accordingly.

3. re-do our personal budget. now that we have one of my student loans paid off as well as medical bills from ivf, we need to adjust our budget accordingly. i'd like to reallocate the money used for those things to pay our car and my other student loan off this year. (and maybe actually give our self a little "fun money" for once!)

ok, i think that about sums it up. i'm sure i'll think of more later.

so far 2007 is off to a pretty good start. while my list of things to do is a mile long, i'm slowly checking them off and making progress. i'm determined to make 2007 a great year!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Great additions, Lori!

And don't feel bad about the will. . .we don't have one either! Something we need to do asap as well!

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