Friday, January 26, 2007


as many of you who are parents already know, there are many words that you child comes up with...many of which you have no idea what they're talking about.

for months now, the little dude has been saying "bodert" (short "o" as in box). we have NO earthly idea what it means. he says it very randomly...never the same situation twice. we've asked him a million times what he's saying and all we get in return is more "bodert".

so, any of you genius baby translators out there want to give this one a shot? help a mama out!


Anonymous said...

A big "box of dirt"!?! I know my kids would love one of those!


i *heart* paper said...


Patricia said...

The first thing that came to mind was a like a baby version of "oh brother" turned into - "oh bother" and then into "bodert" (?)

Leslie said...

uh, i dunno!

but i do know that henry had a weird phrase. it went something like this:

"bleats dots elopsa dot!"

he would say it over and over with so much conviction! now he says it as a joke!

punkinpieproductions said...


i *heart* paper said...

Does he watch any shows or listen to music that might sound like this word?

Anonymous said...

My husband just poked me and said "YOGURT"!!! Might be worth an ask :0).

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