Tuesday, October 09, 2007

first project.....finished!

so i've been hinting around about these huge projects i have going for a children's hospital. i'm so excited to say that the first one shipped out of the office today! they're heading off to st. jude children's research hospital in tennessee.

here are some photos of just how large of a project it was for us!

here's one box filled with the finished product. there are 150 boxed sets in each one of the larger boxes.

and here are all 10 boxes filled with the finished boxed sets. (that's 1500 boxed sets total)

and here's the whole bunch waiting for the ups guy to come pick them up.

and inside each boxed set, you will find these 4 cards. (you can click on it to see a larger image) they're based on children's artwork from the hospital. (so i didn't draw the pictures, but just designed the product and produced it) they're lightly embellished with glitter and have matching envelopes. you get 8 cards per box, 2 of each design. they should be available on the st. jude website sometime soon. they also ordered individual cards (that i forgot to take pictures of before i sealed the boxes) which will be available in their gift shop. i'll try to post here when they're available online and hopefully you'll visit and purchase some to support the hospital. it's such a good cause and i'm super proud to be helping them raise money to keep their hospital running and continue saving lives.


Anna Bella Stationery said...

WOW! This is so wonderful!!

Molly said...

How fabulous!

Leslie said...

Holy Cow, Lori! That is so awesome! Such wonderful work for an amazing cause!

{evy} said...

Late to comment - but this is beautiful. great cause, cute stationery, love this!

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