Friday, October 26, 2007


i was tagged quite a while back by dawn over at anna•bella stationery to list three easy ways that i've been living and staying green. since i've been a little sidetracked by baby love, it's taken me a while to get around to listing my answers.

so here they are.....three easy ways i've been living and staying green:

1. as our lightbulbs burn out in our home we've been replacing them with compact florescents. if we were really green, we'd just go out and buy them all and replace them all at once, but in this case we're trying to keep a little extra "green" in pockets. so for us, it's one at a time! at least we're trying!

2. we recycle.....not only the usual things that our recycling man comes and picks up once a week, but also things like taking all of our plastic bags back to large discount chains and putting them in their recycling bins. as well as all of our batteries.

3. about 95% of my products at marzipan inc. are printed on environmentally friendly paper. it's partially made from eucalyptus which is extremely sustainable. considering how much paper we print on each year, this makes me feel good about helping our environment, even just a little bit!

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