Tuesday, October 16, 2007

jmkac birthday weekend

this past weekend we enjoyed a bunch of time at the john michael kohler arts center. (the same place where the hubby and i were married) they were celebrating their 40th anniversary with a HUGE birthday bash. they had 40 straight hours of entertainment, fun, and excitement planned. movies in the middle of the night, yoga at dawn, and fun stuff for kids and families all day long.

we were even interviewed for our local paper. here's a link to the online article.

and a few pictures of our fun:

the little dude enjoyed some hot apple cider out of his first real "to-go" coffee cup. he drank the whole darn thing in a matter of minutes! i love how he dragged a second chair over as his "ottoman".

the little dude making his funny picture face next to the community project they had set up all weekend....a full size cement bear that people were able to add mosaic piece to.

here's the little dude rolling out some clay into a tile mold which they then took out and smoothed out.

and here's the final "painted" tile, and the little dude with another one of his great picture faces. (gotta love this phase!) the tile was left behind and will be fired. we get to pick it up in a couple weeks.

finally, here's a picture of the little dude and daddy doing some sidewalk chalk.

we also decorated a birthday t-shirt when we got there, but forgot to take a photo of it. it was such a fun time at our favorite place in town. we're so lucky to have such a great place in such a small town.

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Leslie said...

What a fun time! :)

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