Monday, January 07, 2008

the greatest gift

no, not love, silly! jewelry!

my lovely friend kelli sent me the greatest christmas gift of the year!

a few months ago i picked out the necklace with the circle "joy" charm and the swarovski crystals of my boy's birthstones shown above. (click for biggness) so many times mommy jewelry is so overdone and ugly....i was glad i had found something simple that i enjoyed.

fast forward to christmas, when my bestest friend kelli, who is miles and miles away, picked out the second necklace with two circle charms containing my boy's initials! so simple and dainty! my kelli knows me like the back of her own hand! and how great do these necklaces go together? especially since she didn't even know i had the first one?

if you like the necklaces as much as i do, you can check them out here: joy & initials
(looks like "joy" is sold out, but she has others like "wish", "dream", & "laugh".

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