Friday, January 11, 2008

me + you = the sweet life

aaahhh. that's me taking a nice deep breath!

i have been running around like a mad woman for the last 4 months with a very colicky baby and a business that needs much attending to. (not to mention a 3 year old who's decided that listening is no fun anymore.)

after a rather short discussion, the hubby and i agreed that i couldn't do it all by myself anymore. we broke down and hired a nanny/babysitter. this was her first real week and i feel like a different person. it's quite the little arrangement we've got. she comes to our home for about 3 hours a day to help with the kids. i'd love her to be here more, but we've agreed that 3 hours per day is about all we want to shell out for childcare at this point. she's 24, married, with no kids. the little dude loves her. he can't wait for jenny to get here every day to "play with me". what's even better is that she expects to work for her money! when the little dude is off at school and she only has the baby to watch, she insists on working around the house if the baby is napping. today she washed the inside of our windows without me asking her to do so! she's done our dishes a few times and informed me today that our swiffer wet jet needs new batteries!! it's a little awkward to have someone doing your work in your house while you're there, but hey, i think i'll deal with it!

another great thing is that she's also interested in helping with my business. my current office assistant works part-time. during the busy times of year it gets overwhelming for her to keep up, but she has another job that provides her insurance so she's not able to work for me more than she already does. so jenny has been in the office with us a few times this week when the little dude is napping. (we just bring the baby with us for those few hours and tag team taking care of him.) it's a win/win for everyone. jenny gets the added hours that she wants without us paying her out of our household income. i get another office assistant who also takes care of my kids while she's working! i think i'm getting the best end of the deal since she's doing the work of 2 people while she's in the office!

i feel like i'm a much better mother with her help. i'm not stressed out to the breaking point and have much more patience with the kids. don't get me wrong, i still have piles and piles of work that's stacked up over the last 4 months, but at least now i feel like i can start to make a dent in it.


Katrina said...

WOW! I'm super jealous! I would LOVE to have someone watch my kids for a few hours a day so that I could get stuff done! Between the 3of them, it gets rather hard to find time to even take a shower sometimes! How cool for you guys!

Cathe said...

I am delurking today in honor of National Delurking Week. :-)

YAY! Good for you! Having a nanny/babysitter is the absolute best thing. I have the same situation and am very thankful for it. Sounds like it has given you some much needed breathing room... and you get a part-time office assistant! Enjoy!

avie said...

I am a fellow stationery designer interested in any information you would be willing to share about the national stationery show and if you know anyone that is interested in sharing a booth this year. thanks!

Molly said...

I'm so happy for you, Lori! Sounds like you have worked out a great solution for all of you!

Leslie said...

Good for you!!! Any bit helps, and your new nanny sounds like a dream! I think I need help too. . .working off and on during the day is driving me nuts! I squeeze in work time when:
1. Kate is napping
2. after Hank gets home from work and before dinner/gym time.
3. after the kids go to sleep for the night. It's exhausting and not very effective!!!

Victoria said...

i'm another delurker who thought they should finally say "Hi"!

Love hearing about what's going on in your world as you juggle home, kids, husband and a business and felt you needed another woman to tell you you are doing a great job!

Getting good quality help is all part of the balancing act and anyone still trying to do it all themselves is in my view NUTS if they have the resources to get some home/childcare help.

Before our current expat posting I was juggling for years then gave in and got help. Our lives changed overnight and I could have cried with joy from the relief. We're very lucky right now to have a live-in housekeeper who loves the kids and babysits too (the bonus' of expat life in Asia!) and can say that I would never go back to being the woman who has to do it all (finances permitting) as its so worth the money when you feel your sanity returning!

I'm really glad things are working out well for you.

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