Wednesday, January 09, 2008

it's that time of year again

i've been known to set some pretty thorough and extravagant goals and resolutions in the past. for example, 2006 & 2007's (and if that wasn't enough, i added a few more later!)

this year i'm going to tone them down a little and focus on a few key items. mainly because i am so overwhelmed and busy with a new baby and a booming business that i don't have time to go to the bathroom some days!

#1. fix better dinners. after baby #2 arrived, dinner kind of went out the window. dealing with a colicky baby all day left little time for any meal planning or preparation at all. since i've recently hired some new help (more on that later), i'm feeling more capable of at least making sure that we have at least 3 food groups covered at every meal.

#2. loose the baby weight. pretty self explanatory. just some effort on my part.

#3. get my office organized. we've been in this house for 2 years now and i've never been happy with my office. i always say that i'm going to get it organized during our slow times of the year, but those times are so few and far between they end up being filled with other things like babies and life.

#4. keep on top of my business accounting. in general i think i'm pretty good at keeping up with my daily bookwork for the business. however, there are a few things i'm not great with so i put them off and put them off. by the end of the year it's overwhelming and now i'm suffering trying to get it all set for my accountant. hopefully with the addition of the new help i mentioned earlier, i will have some more time to dedicate to thorough accounting.

so that's it. four (hopefully) attainable goals for the year. there are many, many more i would love to add to the list, but i'm trying to be realistic. if i get past these four, i'll think more about the others later.

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