Tuesday, February 10, 2009

that's what he said : part 9

the little dude and the hubby got a series of books from the library a few weeks ago all about planets, the moon, the sun, etc. they read a different one every night until they made it through the entire series. apparently, as illustrated in the story below, he was really listening.

this morning when the hubby walked into the little dude's bedroom to get him up, he found the little dude looking over his headboard at the two paintings i did for him when he moved to a big boy bedroom.

the first is of an astronaut in a space suit on which i painted a name tag with the little dude's name.

the other, a rocket ship with planets and stars in the background.

so the hubby says: "what'cha doing?"

little dude: "just looking at the paintings that mommy made for me. is that me in the astronaut suit with my name on it? and that's my rocket?"

hubby: "it sure is buddy. you can take the rocket to explore the planets and the stars. but you can't really land on a star because it's too hot."

little dude: "and because it's made of gas."

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