Monday, February 16, 2009


we took the little dude to watch coraline on opening weekend. it was a little scary for a 4 year old, so on the way home we decided to talk about our favorite (non-scary) parts of the movie. i said that i loved coraline's blue hair and fingernails, to which the little dude promptly said: "mommy, you should have blue fingernails."

because i didn't want to disappoint him i bought a 99 cent bottle at the drug store. at first it was a shock to the system, but now i actually kinda dig them! i may have to invest in a more expensive version that actually stays on for more than 2 minutes without chipping.

p.s. the little dude LOVES them!
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Melissa said...

I love them!! I used to paint my nails a similar blue years ago. I kinda stopped wearing nail polish because I have a bad habit of just leaving it on until it all chips off, which is hideous.

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