Monday, February 23, 2009


i hadn't had a chance to get to target since orla's products were released. from what i had been reading all over the blogosphere, my chances of finding anything was pretty slim if i didn't get there right away. plus, being in a small town, i figured our store wouldn't have much of a selection. we ended up making a trip this past sunday and low and behold, a whole end cap of orla! i know i complain about living in a small town and not having anywhere to shop etc. now i've finally found a benefit! since i'm pretty much the only person in this town who even knows who orla is, i had plenty to choose from! they didn't have everything from her line, but they had a good selection. of course i had the hardest time choosing. i really wanted her canisters, but we already have new ones for the kitchen and i didn't know what i'd use them for. i settled for a grey pear mug and two of square bowls in brown and orange. if anyone out there wants anything and can't get it, let me know! i'd be happy to pick some up and ship it!


baby r.t. and house too said...

I just picked up a tablecloth this weekend . . . Love it!

Erin @ Bride Design said...

Just saw these at Target today. Love her designs and the colors are great. You've got good taste. That orange is my favorite!

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