Thursday, May 27, 2010

thrifted :: things to fill my type drawer


one of my 101 in 1001 goals is to fill my vintage type drawer with fun little items. i went to a HUGE flea market the day before i left for the national stationery show.

vintage type tray

here are all my treasures from the flea market. i found a lot of little goodies. it was hard trying to find inexpensive little things. i tried to keep each item in the $2 range because when you have a million little spaces to fill, the cost adds up quickly.

i got the 2 buck/reindeer on the top for $4 for the pair. they're about a millimeter too big to fit in the largest hole. darn. but i think they look just as cute on top. i found some great copper and wood type. i got a few individual pieces like a clown face, and a unicorn and then some individual letters to spell out "fin" and "roe". i found some hand cast lead toy soldiers, a cow, two little white ceramic birds, and a few other farm animals. looks like i have quite the little animal theme going. it's fun to start seeing it come together.

lead horse

i also bought this super heavy, i assume it's lead, horse. she's so lovely and has an amazing patina. i believe she was once covered completely in a copper finish that you can see on her head and rear legs. i also believe she may have had a real hair tail, or some other sort of attached tail as it's now gone. she's a little too big to fit in my drawer spaces, but she's found a home right next to the drawer and keeps the other animals company.


mari said...

It's coming together so beautifully! Shopping for little trinkets (and knowing you have a spot just waiting for them) Is such a pleasure!

Anonymous said...

these are great, Lori - i would have bought similar things. beautiful!

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