Monday, May 10, 2010

marzipan monday :: website revamp


it's been awhile since i revamped my website. i figured since i have made so many changes as of late, that my website needed to reflect that. now my homepage features all three of my brands with links to information about each. (including a new page for citrus & clover!)


you can find all the stores in which our products are sold in the u.s., links to online retailers, and, if you're a retailer, you can download our current fin+roe and marzipan inc. catalogs!

and, a big shout out to my friend hailey who helped me come up with my fabulous tagline on our new homepage.


mari said...

That looks great! It makes all the brands make sense together. And i Love the the tagline - using delish and scrumptious is really cute.

haileylundborg said...

me likes the tag line!!

one sydney road said...

You have the best taglines!! Love it. The website looks great :)!!

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