Wednesday, May 26, 2010

that's what he said wednesday :: dr. protection



as much as i talk about this little man being such a crazy maniac, he can really be the most lovie-dovie little guy. it's not uncommon for him to ask: "mommy, can i be your lover", meaning that he wants to come on the couch with me and cuddle on my lap. if i'm feeling under the weather he'll say: "it's ok mommy, i'm going to feel you better", and he'll come and give me a big hug.

he was never a particularly cuddly baby, but he's going though a phase now to make up for it. (and i'm going to take what i can get!)

the week before i left for the stationery show, the little dude had a really horrible cough that lasted for a good week. at one point the baby turns to me with concern and says:

"mommy, we need to take finley to a dr. to protect his cough."

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