Sunday, July 24, 2005

the eternal depths of hell

how hot is it today? well, i'm not quite sure, but it feels like the eternal depths of hell! and we're in wisconsin. i can't imagine what it's like down south today. and lucky me....we don't have air conditioning in our 100 year old house....AND my office is UPSTAIRS! remind me why i did that again? so i'm writing this from a local coffee shop while i enjoy a yummy razzle dazzle smoothie. no hot drinks for me today!

i'm here enjoying the cool air conditioning with my hubby who's reading....what? ....a copy of yoga magazine!! ok, if any of you knew my husband you would know just how ironic that is. i'll just sit here and not say anything so that he can thoroughly enjoy it while it confuses the hell out of me! i'm also here with my baby boy. he's actually sharing the big comfy leather chair with me. he's 7 months old....and being a very good boy. i guess he's happy to be out of the house and the heat too.

i see that my husband has switched over to metropolis magazine, and my baby is starting to get a little antsy....which both mean my world is going back to normal. so with that i sign off.

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Voice from the South said...

You mention the south in this entry. Lucky you, I can speak from experience. It is HOT here in South Carolina. Don't get me wrong, I like the heat, but when you roll down the windows while driving, and instead of a cool breeze coming through the window, it feels like someone is aiming a blowdryer at your face or you've just opened the oven door, that's too hot. Thank goodness for A/C! It's supposed to be 110 out today, my poor boyfriend works outside...that's just not right!

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