Thursday, July 28, 2005

work it

one of the things i was always taught about the job market was network, network, network. it is also something i'm not so great at. since i now own my own business, i really try to work harder at it. you just never know who could get you in the door somewhere or who may have a job for you down the road. thus today's story:

first a little history....we recently tore a wall down in our house. it's an old house with beautiful maple floors. one of the room's floors was refinished while the other room had carpet. so we need to get the carpeted room's floor refinished to match the room it now joins. following me? so anyway, a guy came this morning to give me a quote on how much it would cost to sand down the floor. who would think that this could possibly lead to a design job? not me. well, it just might have!

we got to talking about what i do and he said "really?....well i've been thinking about a project i'd like to do." turns out he wants some custom thank you's for all their customers. each one would be unique to that customer. for instance he mentioned having a photo of their newly refinished floor included. it sounds like he wants something totally out of the box though; which is good. it also sounds cool because it would be a continuous job, not just a one-timer.

networking with the floor-sanding guy....who would have thunk!

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