Wednesday, July 27, 2005

oh the refreshing goodness of a cherry coke!

ok, so today i have a little "off-topic" story to tell...

i took the little dude out for a walk this afternoon to the post office to mail out some samples . (so it kinda has to do with work) on the way home i decided to stop for a refreshing beverage out of a vending machine at the local car wash. i pull the stroller up to the machine and park the little dude while i dig through my wallet for some money. i get my $1 out and stick it in the machine. i press the button for my favorite beverage of all times....cherry coke. i'm anticipating it's refreshing goodness on the long and hot walk home. nothing happens. then i see the little light....sold out!! damn. so then i press the button for regular coke.....sold out!! i select the button for orange fanta....sold out!! what the heck!! there are only three options left. sprite, water, and diet coke. since i don't drink water unless it has something in lemon, i skip over that option. i really dislike diet soda, so diet coke isn't an option either. i head for my last resort....sprite. i push the button....oh the suspense....what comes out??? DIET COKE!!

not funny!!

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