Tuesday, August 16, 2005

mr. flapjack

when people refer to flapjacks after pregnancy, it's usually pertaining to certain body parts. in our family however, it's a completely different topic. when we refer to flapjack, it pertains to our the little dude. he has now claimed the official title of "mr. flapjack".

why you ask?

well the little dude is typically a very good sleeper. you can lay him down for a nap while he's still wide awake and he will fall asleep without much fuss. today was a different story. for some reason, the little dude flips himself over onto his tummy and then proceeds to scream his lungs out until you go in and flip him back over. you see...he hasn't quite figured out how get himself back over. yes, he's 8 months old and he should know how to do that by now....but he doesn't....so shut it. it's funny because i can tell immediately by the cry that he's landed himself on his tummy again. the i'm-on-my-tummy-come-save-me-cry is much different than the i-just-don't-want-to-sleep-cry.

so anyway, this is not the first day that this has happened. however, it is the first day that he did it over, and over, and over again. it pretty much went like this.....

mommy lays little dude down for nap.
5 minutes later little dude is screaming bloody murder.
mommy goes to find little dude on his tummy.
mommy flips little dude back over onto his back. comforts him and leaves the room.

rinse, repeat.......about 15 times!

finally after an hour and a half of this, we gave up on the afternoon nap. i just hope it doesn't become a regular occurrence or that he figures out how to flapjack himself back over. one can only hope.

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