Thursday, August 11, 2005

whirlwind week

it has been one heck of a week....hence the delay of a new post.

for some reason, a flood of asap orders have arrived from my reps. it's a great thing, but takes away from important things like updating my blog! :)

a re-cap of my week thus far:

i'm trying to get all of my new spring designs done so they can go to the printer by the end of august and be released to my reps the first week or so of september.

i met with my new printer yesterday to review the re-printing of my new imprintables. it's pretty exciting that i already need re-prints since i just got them printed in april! they have been selling really well. my rep at the new printer seems nice. she seems to understand my concerns and will hopefully be more detail-oriented than my last printer.

the auditor came today to review my payroll records for my unemployment insurance. fun times! it actually wasn't as painful as i expected. she did mentioned that this is a yearly thing...something i wasn't expecting. oh, how i'm looking forward to next time already!

i've started to do some concepts for my photographer's holiday cards. that's going to have to be top priority next week. hopefully i can think of something cool. he gave me his logo and wants it incorporated somehow. not an easy task.

i also started to incorporate my new photos in my, don't go and check....they're not there yet. i'm hoping to have that done by early next week also. i think it's going to be a working weekend. :(

i think that's about it. i'm sure i'm forgetting something. it's just been a whirlwind. i can't believe it's already friday tomorrow. i remember the days of corporate america where i used to wait for friday to come. now it seems like the weeks are too short. i guess that's a good thing.

ta ta!

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