Wednesday, August 24, 2005

ok, so scratch that

so....remember my last post where i talked about how busy i was? and how i wanted to get some things taken care of during the slow time this winter? well, forget i ever said that....

why you ask?

as you probably know, we've been remodeling our living room so that it's now a little bigger. in the process we took up some carpet and had the hardwood floors sanded to match the adjoining room. to save some cash, we decided to finish the floor ourselves. so, as i was applying my second coat of polyurethane to the floor this weekend, i decided that we should get out of the house while it was drying to avoid exposing the little dude to too many fumes.

so what do we decide to do you ask? we went to open houses! great idea! well, it might be if we were in the market for....let's see....a house!

the thing is....we ARE kind of in the market for a house. my office here is too small, and it's the largest room in the house. there's really no room for expansion. plus we'd really much rather live in a town nearby. (which is where we wanted to be in the first place.) however, we haven't even been in this house for 2 years yet, which means capital gains tax...not to mention all the sneers and smirks we're going to get from our neighbors. (that will have to be a future topic).

well, if you haven't figured it out already, we pretty much found the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, that is actually cheaper than our house now! plus is has a full walk-up attic that is ready to be refinished into my glorious office space. so with the already hectic schedule i have, i've spent the last couple days calling to be pre-approved for a new mortgage, calling a realtor to sell our house, and all the other crazy things that go into buying a new house.

so...all that time i thought i was going to have this winter.....well, it pretty much just flew out the window. of course non of this is guaranteed. if we can't sell our house relatively quickly, it's highly likely that someone else will get to buy and live in our newfound perfect house. :( all i have to say is....if i'm putting this much work into getting this house ready to sell....we better get that house!

oh yeah....and never mind all that remodeling we just did. i didn't want to enjoy it anyway!!

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Leila said...

Yay! Congrats! My dad just bought a new house that's across town from us, but minutes away from my husband's school and I had a 20 minute obsession with moving over there! Then I thought about moving with a baby (and possibly while pregnant since we're trying for Baby2) and putting my business on hold and snapped out of it! But I do love the IDEA of moving! Good luck with everything!

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