Tuesday, August 02, 2005

what to do....what to do....

one of the biggest obstacles in running a business is time management and prioritizing tasks. i have the horrible habit of thinking of something that needs to be done but not writing it down. then when i try to remember what it was, i can't remember. i end up losing valuable free moments of time because i simply can't remember what needs to be done. i've tried notepads and such, but i always end up misplacing them or not having them where, and when, i need them.

i was recently introduced to a website that will hopefully help with this situation. www.tadalist.com

this website allows you to make online lists that you can access anywhere! you can prioritize them, edit them, share them with others, and e-mail them. another bonus....you can't misplace it! plus, the best of all! it's free! it's not the most extensive program ever and i haven't had the opportunity to use it extensively yet, but i think this might be a nice, simple solution to the ever present problems of the notepad and pencil list.

happy to-do-ing!

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