Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 goals and resolutions

my goals and resolutions for 2006

business related: key goals
1. increase annual sales by 40%. i will achieve this goal by hiring additional reps in key areas not already covered and also increasing my national stationery show sales. (see goal #2)
2. increase sales at the national stationery show by 50%. i will achieve this goal by doing more marketing and advertising before the show, which will drive more business into my booth.
3. design on a more regular basis so that my scheduled releases are not last minute. i will accomplish this goal by keeping a list on hand of new design ideas. whenever i have a free hour or two, i can quickly look at the list and begin designing instead of sitting and wondering to design. if possible, i would like to try and schedule regular design sessions each week.
4. do a better job of updating my website with current news and new releases. i will achieve this goal by scheduling updates on a regular basis. i find i do much better at these things if they’re actually written on the calendar.
5. get a separate retail site up and running by july 2006. this is a lofty goal, but it really needs to happen. this also includes many other things such as registering a new business, opening a new banking account, etc. basically start an entirely separate and new business. yes, i am crazy. this goal will be achieved with help from my husband who will be in charge of building and updating the site with new products. i will be in charge of all design and marketing of new site.
6. send out press releases and new samples to media on a more regular basis. i will also accomplish this goal by scheduling specific time in which to do it.
7. get published in a “real” magazine. (we were published in about 5 separate issues of trade magazines in 2005.) being published in actual newsstand magazines would add much more name recognition to my company. i will accomplish this goal by fulfilling goal #6.

business related: stretch goals
1. increase annual sales by 60%.
2. increase sales at the national stationery show by 65%
3. increase number of new product releases from 5 to 6 per year.

personal: key goals
1. lose at least 10 pounds. i will achieve this goal by exercising on a regular basis. i will begin by doing an exercise video at home (while the office assistant can watch the little dude.) and look into the cost of the local gym. in the warmer months i will begin to add walks outside where i can also include the little dude. this exercise will be scheduled and added to the calendar so that it becomes a priority.
2. eat healthier and in better portions. i will achieve this goal by trying to minimize the number of times we eat outside of the house. also planning meals at home so that we don’t make bad last minute decisions. eating smaller portions at each meal will also help attain goal #1.
3. spend more one on one time with the little dude. i will accomplish this goal by taking small chunks of time out of my workday to be with him on a more interactive level.
4. try to have another baby without infertility assistance. i think we all know how to achieve this goal! if after one year of trying on our own we are unsuccessful, we can re-address another round of ivf, (invitro fertilization) which is how the little dude was conceived.
5. pay off at least one of two student loans. also, pay off our credit card which was used to pay for much of our infertility costs. this will be achieved by continuing to make additional payments.
6. stop swearing! our goal was to do this by the time the little dude was born, but that didn’t happen. now that he’s 1 and can mimic what we say, there’s no more time for procrastination.
7. spend less time watching t.v. and more time making our house beautiful. our house is in need of many, many new curtains and other things that i am more than capable of making myself. i always swear i don’t have the time to work on such stuff, but if i just cut down my t.v. time, i’m sure i could get a ton of these projects done.

i think that’s about it for 2006. quite a list, but i think they’re all achieveable.


A Little Hut said...

Wow! Great list. Makes me feel guilty that I really don't have one. Now you're going to really make me think about this...

Mgems said...

This is fantastic! Makes me realize I need to go make such a well though out list!

Dear Monday said...

I love your list and how it spells out what you need to do to get there. Good luck on #4 of the personal goals. :)

Leslie said...

Oh, you've inspired me to sit down and create my list too!!!!

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