Friday, January 20, 2006

january progress

today completes week 2 of my new scheduling system. i must say that i am amazed at how much more i've accomplished by using my new schedule. here are just some of the goals and resolutions that i've worked on in the last two weeks.

- joined the gym. attended two different aerobics classes this week.
- wrote and submitted my first official press release.
- laid out a detailed list of what needs to be done for the national stationery show. inculding dates that they need to be accomplished.
- designed my promotional postcard for the national stationery show.
- began work on this year's catalog.
- designed the layout for the new retail site.
- worked on tax preparations including sending out all my 1099's.
- completed 6 new designs!!! (my goal was one per week, so i tripled my goal....super excited about that!)

i feel so much better about what i accomplish at the end of the day. instead of just completing random things here and there, i'm actually doing things that matter and that will get my business where it needs to be. i think if i keep one resolution this year it needs to be my new schedule. by sticking to that, it helps all the others fall into place.


kelli clancy said...

wow----you are a SUPER woman!!! i bet Chris sits at the dinner table/coffee table with his mouth WIDE open at the things you accomplish in the day in your office AND with your son! you continue to amaze me.
i wore your necklace today---people love it as do i.

great job on the gym going too!!! that is a tough proud!

Dear Monday said...

i second that. you ARE superwoman. you went to the gym twice? that means having to get out of the house! congrats on all your progress. and there's still 10 days left in january!

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