Friday, January 06, 2006

running start

i'm bound and determined to meet all my goals for this year. i know that the only way they're going to be met is by scheduling each of them to their own specific time slots to be accomplished. today i did just that. thanks to ical, i now have recurring timeslots in which i'm assigned to accomplish specific tasks. here are just a few of them:

every other monday: accounting
second monday of the month: press releases
every tuesday from now until may: plan stationery show details
the first monday of the month: update website with new retail sites. update address book with new stores.
every friday: one new design.
etc. etc. etc.

i'm really hoping this new schedule helps me focus more and not get sidetracked from the day to day happenings of running a business. these tasks are of course in addition to the daily tasks such as invoicing, shipping, etc. but at least when the daily tasks are done, i won't have to ask myself what i'm going accomplish that day. it will already be pre-determined for me. i'm very excited to start on monday morning! it's my first ever "press release" day!


Leslie said...

You're so organized! That's so great! I need to use my iCal too!!!

I can't wait until tomorrow when the kids go back to school, and then we can reestablish our routine! :)

Hi-Heeled Hotties said...

Oooo, good ideas!

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