Tuesday, January 10, 2006

day two

today is day two of my new scheduling system and i just have to say....i love it!

yesterday, being my first ever press release day, was a success! i not only did tons of research on how to write a great press release, but i actually wrote a rough draft for my first one! it's not final by any means, but it's at least a start. i also researched an online press release company that helps submit your releases to the appropriate people. all in all, it was a successful start to productive day!

today was full of planning for the national stationery show. i have begun a to-do list of all that needs to be done between now and may. i also designed and finished my promotional postcard that i use each year for the show! again, another productive day!

i love being able to focus on one thing per day instead of being pulled in 20 different directions when my brain starts thinking of all that needs to be done.

at this rate, i will have accomplished my yearly goals by february!


tinyblossom said...

So happy to hear your new system is working!

Leslie said...

Lori, that is so wonderful!!!! Yay for schedules!

sarah said...

Great schedule, I totally agree with you, it's hard to get things done when you feel it all has to get done at the same time!

kelliclancy said...

i love your schedule....and i know it will work for you. i used that technique at a previous job, it worked well then. hmm....maybe it could work again???

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