Tuesday, March 07, 2006

absence makes the heart grow fonder

i've been pretty absent lately. sorry about that.

the weekend before last i was in california getting some nice warm weather in my veins. i got to see a few really great stationery shops and did some major shopping. it was nice to have a break from reality, but i've been paying for it ever since.

i've been working some major night and weekend hours to make up for the 2 workdays i missed during my trip. somehow i managed to rack up about a weeks worth of work in those 2 missing days. funny how that happens.

i'm trying to get back on schedule this week with work and home life. i managed to make it to the gym last night which had been put on hold last week while i worked every night to catch up. i planned on going tonight, but that didn't happen. i do have a personal training session scheduled for friday though. i'm pretty excited about that. since i'm a "new" member, i get some free sessions to get me acquainted with the gym and the equipment. i've only been attending classes thus far and haven't had to venture into the "lifestyle fitness" area. i'm hoping we can come up with a great plan that i can use when my free sessions are over. i'm really hoping to drop a few before the stationery show in may. i have a little over 2 months. maybe i can manage 10 lbs. by then. that's about 1 lb. per week. we'll see how it goes.

alright, time for me to sign off. i'm hoping to get to bed early tonight since i've been up since about 4:30 this morning with the little dude. i'm hoping we don't have a repeat tomorrow morning. i don't know if i can handle two days like this. just one of the fun surprises that are involved with being a mommy!

oh, i almost forgot to mention! i got a beautiful boquet of flowers today from the hubby. if you know my hubby, you know what a HUGE deal that is. he's not the flower giving type. at all. i honestly cannot tell you the last time i got them. it was such a nice surprise. thank you honey....i love you.


Kel said...

well, i do know your husband, and that is a huge deal. i am so glad for his thoughtfulness...the simple things really do make a big impact dont they! yeah for you and your flowers.
oh---and may finley sleep well tonight....shhh little one.


Leslie said...

Sweet hubby.

And 4:30. . .a bit too early for me too. But there's something about those wee hours in the morn when they're still warm and cuddly and still.

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