Monday, March 20, 2006

the latest

last week the little dude got his book swap books in the mail! the lovely andrea at blah blah babycakes organized the swap and also ended up being our swapper! we got two great books....eloise in paris and an amelia bedilia book. the little dude jumped right in and claimed them immediately! thanks andrea!

over the weekend the hubby took my to the fantastic hamilton wood type museum! i had no idea that something so absolutely cool was this close by! it's located in two rivers which is only about a half an hour away. very cool. i got to see some amazing wood type including an amazing #2 hanging on the wall that had to be at least 4 feet tall! i can only imagine how amazing the banner or signage looked that featured that number. if only i could have bought it off the wall! they also had a ton of old letterpress machine. i could have spent hours there. they offer weekend classes occasionally and i would really LOVE to attend one some day.

while i was there i scored a great print of the hamilton type logo in varying sizes. i can't wait to frame it and find a place to hang it. you can visit their website here.

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shim + sons said...

Your lil' boy is getting SO big...cute pics! The museum sounds so interesting, how fun!

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