Thursday, March 16, 2006

busy slacker

i've really been slacking lately on posting to my blog. it's only because i've been so NOT slacking with work projects.

this time of year is always so busy. so much to do with the national stationery show right around the corner. trying to get all the new designs and new products done asap so that i can include them in the new catalog in time for the show. everything hinges on everything else which makes a long line of work to be done! i'm working on finishing up one last new product before i can complete the new catalog and send it to the printer. then we need to collate them which is no small task.

i'm proud of myself because i actually wrote my second official press release yesterday. these are not my favorite things to do and i know it's going to be the hardest goal in all of my 2006 resolutions. i'm just not great at knowing what to say about myself or my products. i'm not a saleswoman. i hate that part of the business. i just want other people to sell my products for me. anyway, i just got the e-mail from prweb saying that i scored a "4" on my release! that's very good news. it's a scale of 1-5 and i've heard that 5 are very hard to come by. so i'm happy. happy that i'm done and happy that i got a good score.

ok, back to work for me. lots to do!


paper sweets said...

Good job on the press release! I'm right there with you about feeling like I'm not very good at it and do also have a hard time writing/praising myself/company. I've already talked to a freelancer for the first few - plan on trying that avenue first b/c in fact I just dread the thought of writing them. Props to you and awesome scoring!

Dear Monday said...

It's great you're so focused to get all done for the NSS. Congrats on your score on the press release!!

Leslie said...

Congrats on the fabulous press release! :)

And you amaze me . . NSS, your booming business, and your little one! Something grand to aspire to ! :)

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