Sunday, March 12, 2006

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

it was an amazingly beautiful weekend here in the midwest. i'm not sure of the exact temperatures, but it had to be in the 50's. such a nice treat for us this time of the year.

on saturday we woke up early with the little dude, got ready, and dug the stroller out from the garage. we took a nice stroll to a church rummage sale just down the street about three blocks away. i love church rummage sales because they typically have great vintage stuff....for a really great price.

here is a picture of the steals i got! on the left is an adorable handbag. it's got rick-rack trim and eyelet fabric. it's adorable as-is, but i'm also excited because the outside fabric is attached only by 3 buttons on each side. i would love to make some swap-out designs and be able to change my bag with my mood.

then, on the right are two patterns straight out of the 70's. very cool. i'd like to maybe use them in some collages.

in the background is an adorable vintage handmade apron. i just love the little pattern of orange flowers and the leaf green trim. besides actually using it, i'd love to use this one as a template to make some aprons of my own.

the best part of everything is that my grand total was $2.20! yes, that's right. $1.00 for the purse, $1.00 for the apron, and 10 cents each for the patterns.

after the nice walk home, we packed up to go to one of our favorite local antique shops. there i found the gorgeous antique stencils above. the owner said they were copper and if i polished them up, they'd be beautiful. i kind of like them the way they are. i'm also planning on using these in a collage, but may try to shine one up just for the heck of it.

today was just as beautiful. we went to a pancake breakfast that my dad's local lion's club hosts every year. then spent some time with my parents and my brother's family. the little dude had a good time playing with his cousins and showing off all his new walking skills.

all and all, it was a good weekend with great weather. i'm looking forward to more in the near future!


paper sweets said...

sounds like a fun weekend with some great finds! very cool stuff - now i want to find a church rummage sale and an antique store with fun stuff like that. :-) the purse is super cute! love the simplicity of the white eyelet & i love vintage patterns. you'll have to post a picture of the collages once finished.

also, lilly pulitzer makes a purse similar with the interchangable bags. i don't love all of the patterns but there are a few that are cute. if the same size, check out ebay. you might be able to snag a good one at a decent price to add to your collection.

shim + sons said...

What a deal! I can't wait for garage sale season to start over here. I love the apron, so bright and spring-y!

Kel said...

What a great weekend...great finds, pancakes, and some family time! I too, love the apron! When I visit---I'll expect you to be wearing it. :)

Love you!

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