Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i'm not complaining....really

i seem to have a problem getting to the national stationery show at 100% functionality.

two years ago:
i had just finished my first round of ivf and was 10 weeks pregnant. i had strict orders from the infertility docs not to do any heavy lifting....yeah, right....no problem!

last year:
i had an emergency appendectomy and was released from the hospital just three days before getting on the plane to new york! yes, that's right. i had my appendix out less than a week before the show started. got on a plane three days after being released....with a 5 month old in tow. fun times. again, no heavy lifting allowed. i was miserable. barely functioning. my booth looked pitiful, but it was up, and that was all i cared at the time.

this year:
things are not looking good. the little dude is nearly 18 months old and has never...that's right....NEVER been sick. not so much as a runny nose. well, yesterday began the runny nose and sneezing. by bedtime i could tell things were not headed in a good direction. we were up from 11:00 - 1:00 crying and pitiful (him, not me). again at 5:00. today, it's a full blown cold. i don't know how one little guy can have so much snot. seriously. it's like a faucet. great timing! plus one of his eyes is red. i'm hoping and praying it's not pink eye. if it doesn't get better by tomorrow afternoon, i'm taking him in to make sure. i've already started myself on some heavy doses of echinacea and airborne. i CANNOT be sick for the show. i'm not going to let it happen again! it's going to be bad enough dealing with the guilt of leaving a sick child behind. i can't imagine being sick on top of that!


paper sweets said...

ohhhh no! what luck!

i started getting a cough yesterday and was worried about getting sick right before the show...but thank goodness i think it was just allergies. add vitamin c to your list of must takes. i hope he feels better. he'll be in good hands when you're gone i'm sure so don't worry. good luck!

KatHarrmann said...

Ohhhh, sick kids are NOT fun! You have my sympathies!!! I hope you both feel better soon!

shim + sons said...

Oh, I hope your little one recovers quickly! Best wishes for a super successful show!

theprincess said...

not what you (or he) needed right now! sometimes my guys got a weepy eye when they had a cold/virus at that age--it looks like pink eye but isn't and clears up when the virus does. maybe that's why his eye is red (fingers crossed)???

but still, it's not easy to get stuff done with a sad little boy on your hands. hope he feels better soon so you can leave with no worries.

gilley said...

bless his (and your) heart. Bennett had a fever bug and then caught the stomach bug while we were gone last year. I felt so helpless. Luckily, he was with grandparents who knew exactly what to do. There's nothing sadder than a sick baby.

Monday night, one of the girls in my sewing group told us that her daughter had the stomach bug. I think I was *discreetly* outta there pronto. It's just too much to risk.

i *heart* paper said...

Sending well wishes to everyone in your family!! They have a kid's Airborne version, too :-)

Hi-Heeled Hotties said...

Oh Lawd! Can Airborne get on an IV? Being sick at show is no fun!!

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