Friday, May 19, 2006

on my way out the door

the time has come. i'm leaving in about a half hour for the airport. i'm all packed and ready to go...i hope. i hate that feeling that you're forgetting something.

i've gotten word from a fellow paper friend that my shipment arrived un-shrink wrapped and damage at the show site. i'm going to try and buzz in there tonight and check it out to make sure everything is still there. oh please, please, please let it all be there....especially my product.

thanks to everyone for the well wishes for the little dude and i. he seems to be over the worst of it and i manged to last this long without any symptoms. cross my fingers & knock on wood!!

i'll see you in a week!


A Little Hut said...

I'm glad to hear that your little one is feeling better. Good luck with the show! :)

Dear Monday said...

glad to hear things are better. best of luck with the show!! :)

MARYBETH said...

I hope all went smoothly and you had a wonderful week in NYC!

shim + sons said...

Hope all is going well at NSS!!

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