Tuesday, May 02, 2006

mixed media

i can't even believe that may is here already! this year is just flying by! it's funny how working for myself is so much different than working in the corporate world. gone are the days where i long for fridays....now i actually wish there were more days in the week....or more hours in the day. it's funny how my outlook is completely different now.

april was a decent month overall as far as business goes. i had double the sales that i had last april, which is great, but somehow it still seemed slow. i'm getting the feeling that may is going to be pretty pitiful up until the show. i could really use a few big orders to hold me over for awhile. cash seems to flow much more quickly out of my bank account this time of year during my preparation for the show. however, the money is not pouring in equally as well. i'm just hoping and praying that this year's show is a good one. i leave in just 2 1/2 weeks! hard to believe.

around the house:

the little dude learned how to walk down the stairs like a big boy. (facing forward and standing up as opposed to sliding down on his tummy).

the naughty mat seems to be working wonders! after only one week of use, the little dude started listening much better and has only had one visit to the mat in the last week. amazing what a little square of carpet can do!

the neighborhood drama has had more developments. we got a visit from the daughter of the family who's dog was accused of being dangerous. she dropped off a letter written by her parents defending their side of the story. very interesting letter. a few accusations were made and many grammatical errors were present. we haven't heard anything from either party (or the cops) in about a week now, so hopefully that will be the end of it.

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