Tuesday, July 11, 2006

busy holiday week

over the past week, we've had three sets of guests! yes, three! last weekend (the 1st) we had my whole family over to celebrate my mom's birthday. we had lots of fun down by the beach with the niece and nephew, and then came back to the house and grilled out. it was a scorching hot and humid day. other than that it was a great family time.

then a couple friends of ours came down from minneapolis for the 4th of july celebration. it's turning into a tradition as we've done it for several years now. our small town has GREAT fireworks that they send out over the water, so we dig big chairs into the sand and lounge around until they begin. this was the little dude's first firework experience. i was a little nervous that he would be scared. (and not to mention tired and cranky) i was surprised when he not only made it all the way to 9:30 p.m. without being crabby, but proceeded to fall asleep 2 minutes into the show. how someone can sleep though fireworks, i will never know. it was a short visit, but nice nonetheless.

then this weekend a friend from college came down from minneapolis with her boyfriend to visit. they arrived late friday night. we went to the farmer's market on saturday morning and bought lots of goodies. we came home and i baked up a batch of my famous rhubarb crisp with the fresh rhubarb we purchased. yummy good! we hung around the house while the little dude took a nap and then headed out to the john michael kohler arts center which just happens to be where the hubby and i were married! (5 years ago next month!!) here's a photo of the outside.

it's an amazing building, with equally amazing art.

inside they have a great little area where the public can come and do FREE art! i can't wait to take the little dude to do some. out summer is so packed, but it will be a nice thing to do during the fall and winter months. in this art area, they had this great bubble machine. we must have played with it for a good half hour. here's a photo of my friend and her boyfriend trying to get a bubble out to the little dude. much fun was had!

outside of the arts center, the have a gigantic chair that the little dude thought was totally hilarious to sit in. i hope the picture is big enough to see his intense laughter! he just cracks me up!

after the arts center, we went out to a nice dinner and had plans to go to the beach (again! 3 times in one week!). however, when we left the restaurant, it was sprinkling out and we didn't want to get stuck out in the rain, so we opted to go home. i couldn't resist this photo of the little dude "reading" the pamphlet from the john michael kohler arts center on our way home from the restaurant. such a little man.

once home, we played some board games, (the hubby and i of course winning trivial pursuit.....sorry kelli!) and then marched off to bed.

we headed off to the beach early sunday morning before the little dude's nap, and then lounged around the house until early afternoon when they headed back home.

i'm now slowly trying to get back into the work week thing. i'm just not feeling it. maybe by tomorrow.....


A Little Hut said...

sounds like you had a great time! I'm jealous of the beach thing. I'm sitting here with a sweater on because I'm so cold. ;)

sally said...

Sounds like a fabrulous way to spend a week! It is amazing how children can sleep through the loudest noises sometimes. The art center looks amazing!

marsha said...

I enjoy your blog so much. Would you consider giving out your rhubarb crisp recipe? I am looking for a good one to use the last I have picked from my garden.

Kel said...

great blog about your week, and our visit! :) so fun to have been right there with you.

love you---

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