Sunday, July 30, 2006

time for an intervention

maybe it summer, maybe i'm in a rut, maybe i'm lazy, maybe i just need a swift kick in the rear. i've been totally slacking lately. i have a bunch of new product ideas that i want to work on, however, i'm progressing really, really slowly. i'm sure it doesn't help that i have a baby getting 4 teeth at once, but in the end, that's not a good excuse.

i think i may spend tomorrow motivating myself with a complete breakdown of what i want to accomplish and what needs to be done in order to complete those things. i think giving myself some cut-off dates is going to be an important component to this list. any motivating words would be greatly appreciated!


punkinpieproductions said...

Take a break. Energize and then hit it hard. Sometimes taking a few steps back help you run full force into the future.
I go through these times too. You are a human- not a slacker.

i *heart* paper said...

whoosh! thump! That was the sound of me gently kicking you in the rear :-)

ponderer said...

You've accomplished so many goals this year! This lull won't last long... summer heat maybe? Is it hot where you are too? Once you start working those ideas, you'll get back to your productive self in no time.

gilley said...

You're not alone - I'm having a tough time keeping focused too.

Heels/Stephanie said...

People, it's the dog days of summer! We're not meant to be focusing on much more than staying cool and biding our time.

However, I think a good way to movitate would be a trip to the craft store/fabric store/bookstore for a pack of markers/a yard of fabric or a great magazine (I love British Homes and Gardens) to inspire you.

You can click around all you like online and window shop (and I frequently do), but for me, inspiration has to come hands-on.

So, sip something cold and figure out where you want to go. Hey, take the boy to the craft store and get one of those little cement-poured garden stone kits (where he can put his handprints or footprints and add some sparkly stones) and get something for yourself and you've entertained the boy, planned a thoughtful gift (grandparents love those things) and have a chance to inspire yourself, too.

Heels said...

Hmm, that first paragraph wasn't meant to sound as snarky as it came out.


APlanet4Creation said...

I know what you are going through. I SO need to get my butt going on my cards!! :)

Hi-Heeled Hotties said...

Hear hear! I am so sick of all things paper right now. It's too pretty outside. I want my weekends back during the summer. I feel like the ant and the grasshopper sometimes. I like to play in the summer and work in the winter.

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