Wednesday, August 09, 2006

another trip (and a small pity party)

august 9th? oh where, oh where has the summer gone? as I’ve mentioned before, our summer calendar has been booked through September since very early on. this weekend is, of course, no exception.

i do enjoy having friends and family that want to get together with us and do things, but at the same time, i feel like we've been majorly neglecting our house. there's so much i want to do and absolutely no time to do it. i guess that's what the winter is for. hummpp.

this weekend we’ll be traveling to go on a camping vacation with my parents, and my brother’s family. total: 6 adults, 3 children.

in general, I’m not a huge fan of camping. it’s not so much the camping part itself, it’s the preparation that I hate. I really dislike the whole keeping your food in a cooler process. you can never fit everything you want and you have to keep buying ice every other minute. and you always end up forgetting something.

I’m really hoping it’s not 100º this weekend. that’s another thing I’m not good with. I get very cranky when it’s hot. I hate hot. I’d much rather camp in the fall when it’s nice and crisp out. but alas, I’m not in charge of picking the date.

enough whoa-is-me. I should be happy that I have a loving family that wants to go on vacations together….even if it is camping. ;)


APlanet4Creation said...

Have fun!

sarah said...

Thank you so much for your lovely card, it brightened my day, thanks for thinking of me! I look forward to you getting to meet her in New York next year.

Leslie said...

Have a great trip! And heat makes me grump too! You're not the only one! :)

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