Friday, August 18, 2006

that's one way to get skinny

at the beginning of this year i promised my self i was going to lose all the weight i gained trying to get pregnant and actually being pregnant. that really hasn't happened. in fact, i have a suspicion that i've gained a few. unfortunately our scale has needed a new battery for several, several months now. i'm a little afraid of what it would say if it worked.

i believe the tables turned yesterday. it was a rough afternoon and i told the little dude that we were going to go for a walk after lunch. he promptly started repeating "walk, walk, walk" like he had been saying it forever. (this was the first time i had heard him say it) we could hardly make it through lunch because he was so excited. all i heard was "walk, walk, walk".

so we went for a walk after lunch and he was so excited about it. i'm not sure why. it's not like we've never taken a walk before. but anyway, the rest of the day it was "walk, walk, walk". he would stand by the back door and beg to go out for another one. if i said "no", it was a major meltdown. i finally gave in and told him we could go to the park across the street while we waited for daddy to get home.

we walked over to the park and played for about 15 minutes in the rain. it started coming down more, so i said it was time to go. another major meltdown. the only way i got him home was to tell him that we were going to go take a bath. (since he got so filthy in the rain). of course, as soon as the bath was done it was "walk, walk, walk" again.

i think my life of being lazy is officially over. no more sitting on the couch eating bon bons all day. it's impossible to say no to a kid who's telling you to get off your a**. talk about major guilt! i guess i'm getting skinny!

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APlanet4Creation said...

That is so cute he wants to walk. :)

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