Tuesday, August 15, 2006

home again

i survived our family camping trip over the weekend. it's still not my thing, but there are many aspects of it that i enjoy.

one is being outside all day. since my office is in a basement, i spend a majority of every day cooped up without so much as a window to look out of. it's nice to soak in the rays for a change. i also enjoy sitting around the campfire at night and playing games with the family during the day.

the highlight of the weekend though was going to the local flea market.* i'm a sucker for flea markets, antique shops, and thrift stores. i scored a couple great items....a small vintage zero metal fan for $5, a cool feed sack kitchen towel in amazing cyan and magenta colors for $4, and a strand of gorgeous stones (i'm not sure what kind they are) that i'm going to create a necklace out of for $15.

i'd post pictures, but our camera decided to break the day before we left for vacation....convenient. (if anyone has a recommendation for a reasonable digital camera, (like under $300) please let me know)

after the flea market we headed over to one of the main streets in town to visit the shops. we scored two original signed etchings. one from italy, the other from germany, for $55! one of them is dated 1933, the other is not dated. they're gorgeous and i can't wait to get them framed up. if we can get a new camera soon, i'll try to take some shots of them. or maybe i could scan them in. we'll see.

so, all in all, it was a good time. not something i want to do again anytime soon mind you, but still good. once a year is fine with me. anything more than that is pushing it.

the hubby and i would like to take a trip back over in the fall by ourselves to explore more of the town. they have so many shops* it's unreal. it would be a fun weekend trip....as long as we stayed at a bed & breakfast!

* sorry, their website really sucks and doesn't have any good pictures of how pretty the town really is. go figure....it's a small wisconsin town.

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Kathy said...

Camera - Canon Power Shot
We have the S410 and LOVE it. I don't think it was too hefty a price tag... But it shoots both pics and small movies and I've always been happy with the quality.

Thanks for the anniversary props!! And welcome back from vacation! =-)

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