Wednesday, March 14, 2007

date night

the little dude and i had "date night" tonight. daddy was off doing a consulting gig for the second night this week, so i decided it was time for us to get out of the house instead of sitting around waiting for him to get home.

we went to two craft stores. one, to return something i previously purchased, and the second to pick out fabric for a t-shirt i'm making the little dude. (i'll post pictures of it when it's finished.)

after the craft stores, i thought it would be fun to do fast food at a place that has a playland. the little dude has never been exposed to "playland fun", so i thought it was about time since he's a big 2 year old now. i must say that he loved it. however, i knew from the moment we stepped in, i was doomed. the room was completely closed off to the rest of the joint and it had a nasty, nasty smell to it. i'm not sure if it was my pregnancy nose in action or what, but it was bad. the fact that the heating vents must have been turned up full blast in that room made it 100 times worse. nothing like bad smell multiplied by excessive heat. mmmmmmm. yummy. just the kind of place i want to eat my dinner.

just to add to my pain, it's now snowing here. yesterday was 70º and we were outside wearing t-shirts. today it's in the 30º's, and raining/sleeting/snowing. oh, lovely wisconsin weather.

ok, so this post kinda ended on a downer. i didn't really mean it to. it was supposed to be about spending time with my little dude. so i'll officially end it like this:

i love you little dude! thanks for going on a date with mommy tonight.

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