Thursday, March 29, 2007

odds & ends

last week the little dude thought he'd show off his decorating skills in the living room:

tuesday the remainder of my valentine's day gift showed up in the mail. (the hubby didn't notice the 4-6 week shipping time when he ordered it) i love it. i've already tried it out twice. you can order one here.

and finally, here's the shirt i mentioned a few posts back. it's for the little dude to wear to easter next week. he will wear it to dinner and it will be how all of my aunts and uncles will find out about the "new" pregnancy. we did the same thing for the little dude. we announced it at a graduation party where my hubby wore a shirt that said on the front: "knock, knock. who's there? i'm a. I'm a who?" and on the back read: "i'm a gonna be a freakin' daddy!" everyone loved it, so we're continuing the tradition with this one. our only problem is that i'm already showing so they're going to have to notice the little dude's shirt before they notice my belly! anyway, here it is:

it's by no means perfect since i've never really done anything like this before. but, it's cute enough and will hopefully hold together well enough to wear to easter and then maybe the hospital when the little bean actually arrives.

oh, speaking of which, i had my 16 week appt. on monday. everything is still looking good. the little dude can now tell you what the baby sounds like. it's so cute. he does this: "swish, swish, swish" sound. he so excited every time he hears it.


sally said...

Oh Lori, the shirt is so sweet. What a great way to share the news with your family. =)

Leslie said...

Aww! I like traditions like that! =)

punkinpieproductions said...

the shirt is too cute.

Heels said...

I can't believe you made that! It's ADORABLE!

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