Wednesday, March 21, 2007

seriously . . .

when most kids are busy actually playing with their toys, this is what my son does:

we were in my office this morning and he came running up to me saying "line up, line up, line up". so of course i have to go see what he's talking about. this is what we found at the other side of the office. not only were his toys lined up in a perfect little row, they were also arranged from largest to smallest, ending with his little bowl of cheerios. he was so proud of himself posing for the picture with his perfect little row.

i know people don't believe me when i say my kid has OCD, but seriously, every day is full of stuff like this. the hubby says "we should get him checked out", but i'm not so sure what they'd say. i picture them looking at me with that lady-your-crazy look in their eyes and saying: "you mean your kid organizes stuff, and your worried about this?" i mean really. there are worse things in life.

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punkinpieproductions said...

My oldest is like this. And one of the twins. They get it from their daddy who comes from a long line of organizational genius's. It can be good and bad. I've seen my mil almost loose her mind b/c she tries to keep it neat and tidy when 8 grand kids are over. This pertains to the bad side of it.

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