Friday, March 09, 2007


i have completely lost my focus.

there is so much to do before the national stationery show in may, and i'm not accomplishing anything! i really don't remember it being this bad when i was pregnant with the little dude, but man, i can't concentrate on anything! i think i have pregnancy brain, or pregnancy ADD if there is such a thing. i have so many projects/new products/deadlines that are half finished that it's absurd. the littlest thing will break my focus and get me working on something completely unrelated (and often times not as important). usually when i feel like this, making a list helps me out. i've tried making one of those lists about 5 different times just this week and i can't even get anything down on paper because i'm so overwhelmed that i don't know where to start.

anyone else go through this? how did you break through and actually accomplish something? HELP!


gilley said...

I'm no help, but am right there with you. I think my brain left for good while pregnant with Frances. I'm going to make a list... on Monday.

barley said...

ug, pregnancy brain! post childbirth brain! having children brain! sometimes i think mine is gone forever. but, i was in a similar state (not prego, just overwhelmed) recently, so instead of making one list, i made several. it helped me break everything down into categories and then prioritize within each category. little by little i hacked away at each list. good luck, you're so organized you'll figure it out!

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