Thursday, February 07, 2008

a little backstory: our kid is obsessed with pbs. as in the public broadcasting service. he watches curious george a lot and therefore hears all of their "commercials" about visiting recently, pbs is his answer for everything.

mommy: where did you learn that?
little dude: pbs

mommy: where did you get that from?
little dude:

basically the kid will answer any question you ask him with "pbs" somewhere in there.

fast forward to this past weekend:
daddy convinced me that we should get a fish for the little dude. knowing that the poor guy will never have any pet with fur or feathers because of my allergies and asthma, i reluctantly gave in. the agreement was that he could get one, but i would no be in charge of cleaning the bowl. (the hubby and i had a couple fish pre-kids and i had the nasty job of cleaning out the stinky fish water and i wanted no part of it again)

so we go to the pet store to get the little dude a fish. when asked what color fish he wanted he said "blue". luckily when we got there, they had some blue betas that fit the bill. easiest fish in the world to take care of. perfect. we'll take it. we pick up the essentials to house and feed the fish and head home.

the conversation on the way home went something like this:
mommy: is your fishy a boy fishy or a girl fishy
little dude: a boy fishy
mommy: oh! a boy fishy. what do you want to name your boy fishy?
little due: pbs.
(mommy and daddy turning to each other and laughing hysterically)
mommy: that is a perfect name for you fishy honey. pbs it is!

so here he is.....pbs in all of his glory!

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patricia said...

very cute story!! :)

one day we discovered that getting the kids dressed while watching curious george gets us done soooo much quicker and out the door on time for school. phew!

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