Friday, February 01, 2008

life after the flu

after a week of feeling like death, i can finally say that today i'm feeling a little more human. i still have a little cough that's hanging on, but other than that, i'm up and about.

as for the baby, he still has a nagging cough. we also found out, after a trip to the dr. on monday, that he has asthma. my poor baby. of course he inherited this lovely ailment from his fabulous mother. i've said all my life that i wouldn't wish asthma on anyone.....not even my worst enemy. go figure that my baby would end up with it. i hate the thought of him missing out on all the things i've missed out on in life because of it. we don't know how bad it is at this point. i could just be something that acts up when he gets a chest cold, or it could be like mine where it affects a million aspects of life. (ie, pets, outdoor activities, exercise, etc.) the poor little guy even came home with his own little nebulizer and has been getting treatments every 4-6 hours since monday. only a day or so more and then we can hopefully be done. he tolerated them really well at first but, as time has gone on, has learned to hate them. (as is seen below) he's also been taking some steroids which have been making him very hyper and impossible to lay down for naps.

as for daddy and the little dude: daddy survived with only a slightly stuffy nose and a little sore throat. the little dude seems to be falling more in line with me and the baby. he was doing really well for awhile, with only a runny nose, but now seems to be getting a cough to match ours.

this is how we've lived for the last week. i had too many medicines for too many people to keep track of, so we each had our own post-it on the kitchen cabinet to keep track of who had what medicine at what time. i'm pretty much finished with mine, but still need them for the kids since the baby has 2 meds to keep track of and the little dude has been having daily doses of tylenol.


patricia said...

Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear all this. I sure hope that you all get better soon.

Marie said...

Poor bird. I hope that you all feel better soon.

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