Sunday, February 24, 2008

chore chart

wow, i feel like i've been away for awhile. lots going on around here. i just realized the other day that it's almost march. that's not good. i'm supposed to have all of my holiday designs done at the beginning of march to send out to my reps. i hadn't even started yet. oops! i spent this last week designing my little heart out. i'm happy to say that i at least have all of my holiday counter cards done. phew! i still want to design a calendar, some magnets, and some boxed holiday products! guess i should have started awhile ago! oops again!

things have been going well around the house. the baby finally seems to be getting over his colic (amen.....he'll be 6 months next week!!) it's been a really, really, really, long 6 months. i'm hoping that by actually writing this i don't jinx anything!

the little dude is doing well too. he's sick AGAIN! this first year of pre-school is a real tough one as far as sickness goes! hopefully it will build up his immune system and we won't have any next year! haha!

we felt it was time to start a chore chart for the little dude. nothing major. just stuff he does most days anyway, but something to reinforce responsibilities etc. i drew up this little chart this morning. he gets to put an X next to each thing he does. then when they're all finished, he gets to put a little sticker in the last box. i have a list for both morning and night. we'll see how he does with it. he was pretty excited to finish everything this morning.

here's a copy. you can click on it for a larger version. i made sure to spell out the days of the week so we can help reinforce what's he's learning at pre-school. i also drew little pictures next to each item so he can "read" it without us and know what he needs to do next.

here's a blank version if you'd like to print one out for yourself and write in your own chores for the kiddos. (just click on it to get the larger version first and save it to your computer.)


Tara said...

Wow, I think I actually need one of these for myself! :)

Erin said...

Hey! It's Erin (bridedesign on the paper peeps board) and I just need to say thank you, thank you, thank you for this core chart. I have a pre-schooler who could use a few chores herself (and this mommy could use a nap!). Love your blog!

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