Thursday, March 20, 2008

3 year old imagination

the little dude is really into imaginary things these days. we're constantly saying hello to his imaginary monster friends and eating and/or drinking all of his imaginary food concoctions!

over the weekend, the hubby gave him a random controller from an old video game. ever since then, he's been "hooking it up" to things and "playing" them. here's an example of how he "hooked" the controller up to the baby's play matt and was "playing" the matt! (if you can tell, he wrapped the cord around one of the arches in order to "hook it up") so funny what this little guy thinks of!

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Katrina said...

So cute! I love the imagination phase! Gabe is still in that to some degree. If he's playing real hard, I'm not allowed to call him Gabe. He sighs at me and says "Call me Indiana Jones mom!!" (or whatever character he is pretending to be!) Too funny!

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