Friday, March 14, 2008

seventh & eighth project finished

the two latest projects to be shipped off to st. jude are the jobs that actually started off the whole relationship with them. my contact there visited my booth last year at the national stationery show and loved my magnets and magnet notecard sets. she wanted to know if i could do the same, but with artwork drawn by the patients at the hospital. and now, nearly a year later, here they are!

this is a set of 6 magnets in a clear acrylic case. (case not shown) you can find it here.

and this is a set of the same 6 magnets along with a set of notecards that you can place them on with glue dots. you can mix and match to make your favorite combination with the different colored notecards. you can find them here.

i love working with this great organization. they truly do wonderful things for children and their families. it's an honor to be a part of their "team", even if i'm only an artist and not a doctor!


Molly said...

They look great, Lori! And, what an honor to be working with such a great organization!

Katrina said...

Ohhh, what fun! They look very cool!

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