Monday, March 24, 2008


we had a fabulous easter yesterday. the baby's first. the little dude helped the baby find his basket as can be seen below.

the baby had fun bouncing while the little dude searched for both baskets. the little dude found the baby's first.

then it was on to searching for his own. i think the easter bunny probably should have put it somewhere a little easier. we basically had to tell him where to look. at first he would just walk into a room, look around and say "nope, not in here". he didn't understand that he might have to look behind or inside things. we finally managed to steer him to some red decorative boxes that we have in the living room. they have lids, so he actually had to open them which he, of course, didn't understand.

he specifically asked the eater bunny for a new drill as his old one was garbage. after digging into his basket we asked him if there was anything that was missing. he frowned and said "my drill". he looked so pitiful. so off he went to hunt for the drill which was in the second red box underneath the first one. he was one happy camper when he saw that thing!

here's the little dude at the eater egg hunt at my aunt and uncle's house. it wasn't really that cold out, but he's a little obsessed with his hood on his jacket! the baby fell asleep about 10 minutes before the hunt started so he missed it, but the other kids made sure to find some treats for him too.

and here's the little dude with one of his treasures. they were filled with lots of money, tiny toys, and candy. it was a fun day all together.

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Katrina said...

Cool photos! Yeah, with our boys we have to do the whole "You're getting warmer!" thing to let them know they are close to finding their basket. Otherwise, they do the same thing ... walk into a room, glance around and just shrug like "Well. I guess it's not here!" Too funny!

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